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Click on any of the videos below to see some of my work in action.

You can see a bunch more videos on my YouTube channel

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The "Metal" Mummy

A little bit of the 1932 classic. A whole lot of 80's Heavy Metal!

Very Mad Scientist

Full silicone mask, and my own traveling laboratory.

Orc War Boss

Prepare to be crushed, you puny runt.

Freaky Frankenberry

A little video of Frankenberry in action

Cave Crawler

Have you seen this creature?

Alien and Ripley

Best movie monster of all time.
Had to give it a shot. Sculpted in styrofoam.

The Fly

An update to the 1958 Vincent Price classic.


Halloween 2020. Candy Cannon. TV News.

Halloween Documentary

Here's a clip from that Halloween documentary i was in.

Area 52

Halloween 2021. Candy Blaasters. TV again?

Grim Reaper Madness

A chance to do a costume...inside a costume.

Circle C Cemetery

Halloween 2022. We're saving a space for you!

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